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Wraps By Ross
- www.WRAPSBYROSS.com -
- High End Artistic Jewelry Design -

- Contact me at Ross@wrapsbyross.com for Custom Orders.
- Stay Posted For an All New Summer Studio Collection.

Artist Bio: As a lifelong organic expressionist, and an avid admirer of nature, I have been immersed in this abstract art form beginning in 2003. Approaching my work with a unique appreciation of geometry and earth's natural elements have been the driving force behind my creative pursuit. Traveling the world, from gem shows to natural mineral sources, I have developed a depth of inspiration that propels my creative flow. Applying the intuitive energy of Feng Shui through shape, color, and vibration, my art has evolved into a truly unique personal style, representing my internal vision of expression through earth's natural beauty. This form of art is an everevolving process which reflects the essence of my experience. Stay posted, and observe the evolution of personal vision in collaboration with earth's sacred geometry.


Profile Link: http://www.MetalWorkers.org/WrapsByRoss

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