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Paradigm Shift
I work SOLELY on commissions and MOST everything is sold if the date posted is more than 1 month. If you are interested in having anything made please contact me.

If you'd like to get yourself one of my works, it'd be best to look through my gallery, and shoot me an email and tell me what you like

PSJ Line @ www.ParadigmJewelry.com


Profile Link: http://www.MetalWorkers.org/ParadigmShift

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paraiba topaz pin ( Images: 1 )

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  • User2938
    User2938: could I potentially commission you to make an engagement ring including (but not limited to) Danburite? please email me at karmastarseed(at)gmail.com
    12/16/2012 10:43 AM
  • GrizzlyAtoms
    GrizzlyAtoms: Entire Gallery of bangers! Dig your style, Very talented
    8/23/2015 3:10 PM

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