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Mondo 23 Stoner
Mondo 23 Stoner All silver construction (except for the inner pieces of the section around the tektite, they are silver filled. I wanted to do an all-silver wrap after using a lot of copper for my first three big pendants, but I didn't know what silver-filled meant when I bought it, and didn't realize I had used it for this until after it was made.)

23 stones
Various wrapping techniques exhibited

Weight: 3.09 ounces
Size: 93mm tall, 58mm wide, 17mm deep(thickest point)
Inner diameter of bail: 13x17mm

Stones: (starting at the top)
Aquamarine - Pakistan
Peridot - Arizona
Blue Tourmaline - Maine
Heliodor - Brazil
Rhodizite - Madagascar
Cavansite - India
Rhodocrosite - China
Tektite - China
Moldavite - Czechoslovakia
Orange Kyanite - Tanzania
Demantoid Garnet - China
Blue-Green Tourmaline - Afghanistan
Kunzite - Afghanistanan
Blue Kyanite - Brazil
Light Green Tourmaline - Brazil
Sapphire - Africa
Opal - Australia
Amethyst - Brazil
Spinel - Burma
Imperial Topaz - Brazil
Neon Blue Apatite - Brazil
Dark Green Tourmaline - Vietnam
Clear Quartz - Brazil


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