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Custom Personalized Tree of Life
Custom Personalized Tree of Life This listing is for a custom made and personalized Tree of Life. You can choose any combination of stones from the list that follows. I have various options to arrange them, too, as you can see from the samples.

The Tree of Life is sculpted of Sterling Silver and can measure anywhere from 3/4 inch in Diameter to 1 3/4 inches in diameter. If you would like it larger, we can do that but it will cost a little more. The typical size is about 1 1/2 inch in Diameter.

I include an 18 inch Silver plated curb chain with your order. If you need a different length just let me know.

If you need Gold tones, we can do this in Red Brass for no additional charge, or in 14/20 Gold fill for $25 more. If you want a brooch pin, this can also be done instead for the same price.

If you want to see what the stones look like together, I can take a picture for you before assembling your tree after you place an order.
Some of the stones I have in stock and available are:

Emerald (various shades of green)
Garnet (deep red)
Ruby Spinel (reddish pink -- an additional charge will apply if you want this stone)
Peridot (light green)
Red Quartz (Red)
Emerald Aventurine (grass green)
Malachite (green)
Pearl (ivory)
Blue Topaz (light blue)
Carnelian (orange)
Citrine (yellow)
Rainbow Moonstone (shimmering white)
Black Tourmaline (black)
Labradorite (gray with flashes of blues and green)
Pink Opal (light Pink)
Tourmaline (assorted colors, mostly pinks and greens)
Iolite (blue)
Blue Apatite (electric blue)
Quartz Crystal (clear)
Turquoise (turquoise blue)
Fire Opal (various shades ranging from white to deep red and oranges in between)
Quartz Crystal (clear)
Pink Tourmaline (natural pinks)
Kyanite (blue)
Yellow Opal (various shades of yellow)
Tanzanite (light purple)
Amethyst (purple)
Aquamarine (pale blue)

If there is a stone you are looking for that I do not have on the list, I might have it in stock and just not have it listed , or I may be able to get it for you (there might be an additional charge, but feel free to ask)

Yes, all stones used are GENUINE gemstones -- smaller pieces created in cutting larger stones.

I use highest quality Argentium tarnish-resistant Sterling Silver from a refinery that reclaims scrap silver, reducing the threat to our environment from mining.

Please drop me an email at mandalarain@gmail.com if you have any questions before placing an order, or you can just place an order and then we can talk about designing your custom piece
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