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Light Records
Sean Smokovich is currently working his craft and business out of California. He has been practicing his crystal wrap artform for since 2001 and building his extensive mineral knowledge base for much longer. In Sean's process of making jewelry, he feels that the energy he puts forth to blossom a wrap mirrors that of the molecular organization that form a crystal - a patient, intricate process that wields and accentuates the beauty and power of the stones that it holds. His intent is to pay homage to the complete existence of the mineral kingdom. Please stay up to date on the latest creations, events, and happenings by checking out: www.light-records.com


Profile Link: http://www.MetalWorkers.org/LightRecords

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Baindan 2.50" x 1.75" ( Images: 1 )

Learo 2.50" x 1.50" ( Images: 1 )

Mallah 3.50" x 1.50" ( Images: 1 )

Souna 2.75" x 1.15 ( Images: 1 )

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Din-Gir ( Images: 1 )

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