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hi im jack, i've always been into crystals since i was a kid, so naturally i fell into wire wrapping as i got older. i've been wrapping off and on since 06, and in spring of 09 i started studying jewelry and lapidary at a community college out here in arizona. And have been trying to fuse all of my interest into one, the music, the stones, the cabs/carvings, with a spiritually influenced style of jewelry. i hope you all enjoy my creations. love.


jack anderson
prescott AZ  us
Phone: 919-889-2031


Profile Link: http://www.MetalWorkers.org/J1

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  • KLineDesign
    KLineDesign: hey whats up man. did i meet you up in burgetstown for phish? you had a little table set up with stones in the lot
    7/9/2012 8:57 AM
  • J1
    J1: wasn't me
    7/12/2012 9:02 AM

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