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Infinite Artistry
Inspired by the Infinite. -Nate- Infin8Artistry@gmail.com

Nate Gosney
Eugene OR  

Profile Link: http://www.MetalWorkers.org/InfiniteArtistry

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  • Starblind Designs
    Starblind Designs: All your work is sick man. I love how tight they are wrapped.
    2/14/2012 5:18 AM
  • User3272
    User3272: Hey I just discovered ur gallery (& this amazing site!!!) thru a guy named "Honky" who was wearing one of ur fantastic creations. WOW!!!--absolutely gorgeous designs, the pieces are so unique and expertly made. I am truly impressed by ur (and the other artisans on this site too) creativity & skills!!!
    4/28/2014 9:57 PM

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